Swordfish (Xiphias gladius)
Swordfishing in South Florida
Past & Present

An adult Florida swordfish.Swordfishing in south Florida has rebounded greatly from the long line pressure of the past 25 years. Long lining was closed in this area a couple years ago and the swordfish population has soared. Bouncer's Dusky 33 offers 8 hour swordfish trips in the summer and 5 hour trips in the winter. We carry a full time experienced mate and are fully equipped for a great evening on the water. Captain Bouncer is one of very few captains in the world who have guided anglers to swordfish captures on fly.

Swordfish are caught year round off Miami Beach. The largest seem to come in the winter and the most in the fall. Check out some of our catches:

  • September 2002 we fought a fish for an hour and pulled the hook. Then caught 3 swordfish on 50 pound tackle before the anglers arms quit. The lost fish as well as 2 of the releases were by a lady angler. The total trip was 5 hrs.
  • Late September 2002 a lady angler caught a swordfish about 80 pounds with us on 30 pound tackle. Then her fellow angler caught a 172 pound swordfish on 50.
  • Swordfish on fly.In October of 2002 I guided Marty Arostegui to a 46 inch lower jaw to fork of tail length swordfish on 20 pound tippet fly. This fish (pictured) was the product of Marty's effort and the now famous Hydro Glow fishing light.
  • On January 21st Herb Ratner caught, tagged and released a swordfish with us that was witnessed by the president of the IGFA. All aboard agreed that the fish was in the 450 pound class. This fish took 4.5 hours on 50 pound tackle. It jumped 15 times and was caught in a double header with the 45 pound fish also tagged and released.
  • On February 10 Mr. Ratner hooked a 300 pound swordfish in the tail 3 minutes after having a strike on the fly. This 300 pound beauty came to the boat dead and was kept for eating as it was dead on arrival to the boat. Many other swordfish were caught with us. Yours should be next.

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